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Having a pool is fun, but also a great responsibility. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of accidents, and death with children under the age of five, is drowning. Too many children are involved in this type of accidents every year. You will be surprised to discover that even adults have high rates of incidents related to unprotected pools as well.
One of the most common ways to keep a safe environment is to build a fence around your pool, which is most states is a law. Fences can be costly. And many take up extra space and over time, money.
The Automatic Safety pool Cover will not only protect and save lives, but will keep the pool clean when closed and not in use. The cover will save you by eliminating evaporation of water, and allowing the chemicals that keep the water clean to last longer. The Automatic Safety Pool  Cover absorbs the heat from the sun. In doing so, the water will be heated with solar energy, rather than you having to spend the extra money on an expensive heating system.
Your pool will no longer be filled with unsightly dirt and leaves. It will be protected from foreign objects carried by the wind or rainstorms. It will also be protected from calcium and mineral deposits caused by everyday outside elements. This means more money will be saved because of fewer acid washes and less treatment needed to be done on the floor and walls of the pool. (PLASTERING)
The cover will eventually pay for itself because of all the savings in: heating, chemical treatment, electricity, water loss and maintenance.



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