Frequently asked questions about our Safety Covers

Can I install a cover in my existing pool knowing that is was not designed for it?
Yes, our cover systems are designed to accommodate a variety of pool shapes and deck sizes. We will inspect your pool to recommend exactly what you need to insure a custom fit.

Can I install a pool cover in a pool that is in the process of being constructed?
Yes, we will coordinate the installation of the pool cover with your pool contractor to match all the details to achieve a state-of-the-art swimming pool cover.

Can I afford this type of pool cover?
If you have small children, ask yourself: Can I afford NOT to have a safety pool cover?

How does the pool cover operate?
Operating the cover is as easy as turning a key; most of our units operate automatically. Once the key is released the cover will stop.

What will be the price for the safety pool cover?
The price for the unit and installation will vary depending on the size, shape and any particular needs for your pool. Please contact us to discuss your pool cover. We have various models to accommodate your financial needs.

Can I change my existing pool cover unit?
Yes, we will have a technician to come to your home to discuss an estimate and model type at no cost to you.

What can I do to extend the life of my cover and the unit?
We have a maintenance service schedule that will keep your pool cover mechanical and electrical parts running like new. We also offer a special treatment that will bring back the color of your pool cover and have it shining like brand new.