If you’re tired of cleaning leaves and other debris from your pool, consider mesh pool covers. If you’re in the market for a cover for your pool, taking the time to evaluate your needs will prove worthwhile. Consider the following points as you shop:

•  Ease of use – mesh pool covers are not difficult to use, although they can take some time to put on and remove. This makes them optimal for off-season use. Many consumers find these covers especially useful in wintertime or in perpetually windy areas.

•  Frequency of use – a mesh cover for your pool lends itself more readily to use when you want to winterize your pool. Using a mesh pool cover every day is possible, but it is somewhat time consuming. It will take about 30 minutes to remove a mesh cover and about the same amount of time to recover the pool with it when you are done swimming for the day. There are other pool covers that can be removed and secured again much faster for everyday swimming.

•  Maintenance is aided by mesh pool covers because leaves, trash and other debris are kept out of the pool. Small animals are also prevented from entering the pool. The mesh material allows air to pass through and thus helps to prevent bacteria buildup.

•  Safety is definitely an advantage to the mesh covers. The mesh material will support several adults at once, though it is not advised to walk or play on top of the cover. It is designed to prevent accidental falls into the pool water.

•  Mesh covers are particularly advantageous for off-season use. Removing and re-securing a mesh cover on your pool on a daily basis may prove more time consuming that the average person wants to spend. Evaluating your needs for pool coverage will help you in determining the right choice in pool covers.