Frequently asked questions about our Winter Covers

What kind of security does the cover offer us?
It is held down with springs and anchors that are drilled into the deck. If it is installed properly (ensuring there are no gaps between the pool and the ground), children and pets cannot fall or slip into the pool.

Can't they just unlatch the cover?
Our covers are tamper proof, and are unable to be removed without the special installation tool that comes with the cover.

My pool is an unusual shape, with a diving board and fountain, is that a problem?
Free form designs, rock formations, waterfalls, and raised walls are not a problem. Our covers are computer designed and built using advanced manufacturing techniques insuring a properly designed cover that fits perfectly every time.

What about all of the debris that gathers on the cover over the year? Leaves, rainwater, snow – won't the weight from those warp the cover?
If you are using a mesh cover, which is fabricated with a unique blend of light weight, supple polypropylene that stays dry and doesn't crack with age, then no it will not. This is known as our mesh cover. Rain does not collect on the surface, but drains through into the pool, while leaves and other debris will just dry and blow away. No pumping or water bags necessary.

The water will get cloudy by the spring. What can I do to stop that?
With continued chemical treatment to the water throughout the winter, you should be just fine. However if you want a little less to worry about, we recommend that you try our solid cover, made from laminated vinyl. A polyester scrim, sandwiched between two layers of vinyl and sewn together with heavy duty webbing on both sides using bonded threads, makes it a super strong cover! With a minimal amount of winter work, when you take off the cover next spring, the water is still crystal clear.

Where do put my cover when I'm done with it for the year?
All of our covers come with their own storage bag, for convenient packing and unpacking whenever you need it.

I already have an existing safety cover on my pool. Can I replace it with a new one?
We have no problem matching your cover's straps to a previous installation; this will reduce the damage done to your deck through excessive drilling.