New Construction

We’re more than just pool covers. We build new, inground pools and hot tubs, specializing in two types of construction: gunite and vinyl liner.

  • Gunite: Gunite pools are built using a rebar framework in the ground which is sprayed over with a mixture of concrete and sand. They offer nearly total flexibility in design and shape, and can be finished with a smooth plaster coating, tile, or other decorative materials. Gunite is very durable, so swimming pools made of this substance are built to last.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl liners are assembled in modular panels that can be attached to the bottom and sides of your pool in nearly any configuration. There are no limitations to shape, length, width or depth of vinyl liner pools. Because vinyl pools are easier and faster to install, they are a much more inexpensive option.

Whether you’re looking to update the look of your pool or need repairs to your equipment, masonry, or mechanical, we have you covered. If you’re considering renovation, we’re happy to walk you through options and next steps based on your specific needs.


  • Automatic Safety Covers
    • Whether you’re building a pool in your backyard or you’re already the proud owner of an inground pool, it’s important to protect your investment—and your family. Opening and closing with just the push of a button, automatic safety covers are not just easy to use, they’re safe and reliable, offering peace of mind for homeowners who want to keep loved ones and pets out of harm’s way. We offer several automatic safety cover options:
      Under-Track Systems: Under-track systems are embedded in the pool wall or mounted to the bottom side of a rectangular pool’s coping to create a seamless design and remain virtually unnoticed. For a more integrated look, the track can be built directly into the pool wall.
    • Top-Track Systems: Ideal for freeform pools, the drive system is installed under an aluminum lid or mounted to the surface of the deck.
    • Recessed-Track Systems: This track option features an aluminum track that is recessed in the pool deck during pool construction. The recessed track sits flush with the top of the deck.

Although you can use your automatic pool cover throughout the winter, it’s not specifically designed to be a winter cover. It can be vulnerable to the elements like rain, snow, and leaf fall, and can be damaged if you don’t care for it properly. We offer two types of winter covers both in a variety of colors and weights:

  • Mesh: Mesh covers are reliable, safe, and highly durable, constructed with interlocked and double overlapped seams to improve weight transfer from the cover materials to the seams and webbing. They allow precipitation to pass through easily, which eliminates the need for a submersible pump, and allows water to drain into the pool during the winter. In addition to their durability, mesh pool covers are also lighter and easier to manage than other pool covers.
  • Solid: As the name suggests, solid pool covers are composed of a solid sheet of material, typically vinyl, to protect your pool and your loved ones. Solid covers are available with a pump option or Invis-a-drain. Pump applications prevent virtually all water from entering the pool, while Invis-a-drain allows water to pass through, easing cover maintenance. Both applications block 100% of light.

Regular repair, maintenance, and cleaning will ensure your pool cover looks great and operates properly, ultimately extending its lifetime. We offer several services you can elect when opening your pool each season.

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance: Inspection and repair focused on your pool cover, cover box, hydraulic pump, and mechanical and electric units.
  • Cleaning and Ultraviolet Protectant Application
  • Service Calls: We’re just a phone call away if you experience any issues including, but not limited to hydraulic pump replacement, electric motor replacement, pulley/slider replacement, cover fabric repair, installation of cover track anchors, etc.